EC2U Entrepreneurial Academy

The EC2U Entrepreneurial Academy will spark your curiosity for innovation and give you an awareness for entrepreneurial opportunities in a European context.

Students of all disciplines are welcome since entrepreneurial competences apply to all disciplines and all spheres of life. We apply the broad definition: Entrepreneurship is when you act upon opportunities and ideas – and transform them into value for others.

If you want to know more about entrepreneurship, start with easy-to-access online lectures. You might also sign up for the simulation game to boost your intercultural teamworking skills.

In a second phase, you can apply for one of the Entrepreneurial Weeks hosted by one of the seven EC2U universities. EC2U students come together for a few days to celebrate transdisciplinary innovation, intercultural teamwork, and entrepreneurial experiences.


Here, we believe that the versatile interplay of transdisciplinary collaboration and intercultural exchange brings the best ideas and new innovation dynamics to tackle the most pressing challenges. The Academy is for students and young researchers of all disciplines and all study cycles enrolled at one the EC2U partner universities. Diversity is an asset – all are welcome.

Online learning opportunities

The online lectures highlight various important aspects of entrepreneurship. They teach the basics, give inspiration, and provide an opportunity to connect with other curious students across the EC2U Alliance. The lectures are free and open to all students, young researchers, and staff from the EC2U partner universities, and also local startups are welcome to join.

In addition, you might also aim to take part in the simulation game to boost your intercultural teamworking skills

If you visit 3 or more virtual Entrepreneurial Academy events, you will receive a certificate of participation and improve your chances for winning a travel grant to participate in an on-site Entrepreneurial Week at one of the EC2U universities.

More information and registration:

In the game “Megacities”, you become part of a diverse student team to develop a concept for an abandoned area. The game requires collaborative teamwork as well as readiness to deal constructively with complex intercultural and unfamiliar situations. Participants gain and reflect on experience important for both personal and professional development. The simulation games are played synchronously over a period of six weeks. The sessions take place once a week at mutually agreed times (2 hours per session).

Three EC2U universities are starting the first round in the summer semester 2022. A second round will begin in the winter semester 2022/23. Teams are formed of 5-20 people with internet access and good knowledge of English (B2/C1).

More information on Megacities will be available on this webpage in the coming months.

Entrepreneurial weeks

EC2U students come together to celebrate transdisciplinary innovation, intercultural teamwork, and entrepreneurial experiences.

Three Entrepreneurial Weeks are planned:

  • at the beginning of April 2022 – hosted by the University of Pavia (Italy)
  • in Fall 2022 – hosted by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași (Romania)
  • in Spring 2023 – hosted by the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena (Germany)

You increase your chances of being selected for a travel grant by previously taking part in the online learning opportunities.

More information on the first Entrepreneurial Week in Pavia and the call for travel grant applications can be found here:

Follow-up activities: The alumni of the Entrepreneurial Week can participate in follow-up activities. Virtual alumni meet-ups help cultivate students’ networks and create a supportive community for the first entrepreneurial steps.


Past learning opportunities

  • 1 Nov 2021: Virtual learning camp “Entrepreneurship for research professionals”, hosted by Professor Jarna Heinonen and Adjunct Professor Pekka Stenholm from the University of Turku.
  • A first series of online lectures was held from January to March 2022 on Tuesdays at 16:00 CET.11 Jan: „Innovation and Business Modeling“ Prof. Stefano Denicolai (Pavia)
    [18 Jan: RI4C2 Lecture Innovation]
    25 Jan: „Digital Entrepreneurship“ Prof. Dr. Matthias Menter (Jena)
    1 Feb: „International Entrepreneurship“ Giovanna Magnani (Pavia)
    8 Feb: „The Lean Startup Methodology“ Prof. Dr. Lutz Maicher (Jena)
    15 Feb: „Entrepreneurial Finance – How to finance your startup“ Prof. PhD Sorin Anton (Iași)
    22 Feb: „Horizon Europe and Structural European Funds“ Paul Flament (Poitiers)
    1 Mar: „Intellectual Property Rights and Focus on Patents in Europe“ Romain Lefebvre (Poitiers)


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