Offered jointly by the seven member universities of the EC2U Alliance, these Joint Master’s Programmes offer to the students the opportunity to personalise their learning path in an international environment. What makes the EC2U Degrees unique?


3 topics of study based on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs)


The European Union’s policy plans and targets for sustainable development have highlighted the needs for experts in the areas of sustainability. The 3 EC2U Joint Masters are based on 3 UNSDGs: Good Health and Well-Being (UNSDG#3), Quality Education (UNSDG#4), and Sustainable Cities and Communities (UNSDG#11). They offer a unique variety of courses associated with UNSDG-related interdisciplinary challenges.

► The Master “LIFELINE – Lifelong Well-Being and Healthy Ageing” will train high-level experts in the bio-psycho-social fields related to well-being and ageing.

► The Master “European Languages, Cultures and Societies in Contact” will ensure students starting their career with enhanced professionalism and quality of services in the broad field of language, cultural contact, and social diversity.

► The Master “Sustainable Cities and Communities” will equip future national and international professionals with diverse competences in the fields of environment, energy, urban planning, and natural resources.



A new university to discover each semester


The EC2U pan-European Campus provides students with the opportunity to study abroad, gain multicultural experiences, and expand their professional network. Over the course of their learning journey, students can study in up to 4 of the 7 EC2U universities.


A degree tailored to students’ needs


Students will be able to personalise their curriculum by choosing their study plan in accordance with the course catalogue provided by the university they decided to study at.


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