The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U), a seven European Universities Alliance, whose goal is to create a pan-European campus, organises every six months a Forum to gather the EC2U students, staff, citizens and local and regional authorities to stimulate communication on pressing issues and exchanges of good practices.

4th EC2U Forum in Pavia, on 4-7 April 2022

After two first editions organised online by the Universities of Poitiers and Turku due to the pandemic, a first live edition successfully took place at the University of Salamanca in October 2021. This April it is the turn of the University of Pavia to welcome the EC2U community for a few days of conferences, workshops, discussions and various activities. “The EC2U Forum in Pavia represents a fundamental moment of reunion and interaction between Municipalities and universities, and will make a great contribution to the growth and transformation of our universities, and to the union of the European Alliance.” advanced Frabrizio Fracassi, the Mayor of Pavia.


A rich and inspiring programme

Free and open to all, the Forum in Pavia proposes a rich and inspiring programme, combining virtual and face-to-face events. “During [the Forum] not only the delegations of our European universities, but all citizens, will be invited to discover and share the stimuli that the Forum will bring to light, towards the future of shared knowledge and skills, without any linguistic, geographical or cultural barriers.” explained the Rector of the University of Pavia, Francesco Svelto. The event will start with closed working meetings to discuss the future of the Alliance before opening to the general public on 6th and 7th April. The programme provides numerous times to discuss the Alliance’s main themes such as sustainability, health and well-being, multilingualism, digital education, microcredentials, research and innovation, etc.  It will also be the opportunity to present the various actions carried out by the Alliance such as the promotion of the 3 EC2U Joint Master’s Degrees or the launch of the EC2U My Mobile Tutor app. The Forum will also provide students with specific activities to involve them further into the development of the Alliance: like debates, podcast recordings, workshops and sports events.


Follow the Forum online

Participants will be able to follow the event onsite, in Pavia, but also online, via the EC2U Youtube Channel or a Zoom link.

You’ll find the complete agenda for each event and session on our website.

More info and registration:

We are looking forward to seeing you on April 6th at 11.30 am at Aula Magna for the opening of the Forum to find out more about the EC2U Alliance and all the latest news for you.

 EC2U week in Pavia

During the Forum, other important events will take place concerning the EC2U community:

  • The EC2U Entrepreneurial Week: selected students will gather in Pavia to celebrate transdisciplinary innovation, intercultural teamwork, and entrepreneurial experiences.
  • The Cult Cities Event organised by the Municipality of Pavia: each delegation from cities of the Consortium will have the opportunity to enjoy the huge cultural heritage of Pavia, present and share conservation and reuse best practices ongoing at local level and sign a cooperation agreement that will  lead to the construction of the Culture and Heritage Living Lab.
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