The EC2U Alliance is student-centred and believes that student activities are essential to develop a multi-cultural, joint student and campus life.
Students play important roles in the development of the Alliance and a diversity of opportunities exist for each and everyone to get involved within the EC2U Student Community. Erasmus Social Networks (ESN) and student associations have many activities open for all.

This community is expanding and the number of students involved and impacted by the Alliance is growing.

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    ESN and Student Associations

Meet the EC2U Students

Interviews and video blogs are the opportunity for students to share their experiences actions in the different universities of the Alliance. Great to discover more about the universities and cities of the Alliance.

Join the EC2U Community

The student community acts for and with the students of the EC2U Campus. Student associations, Erasmus Social Networks (ESN) and EC2U Ambassadors take part in creating a fun and vibrant student life across the Alliance. They organise events, discussion sessions, and guarantee that students are integrated in the campus life.

Learn more about student associations:

Erasmus Social Networks (ESN)

There are ESNs in all universities of the Alliance. This network is key to ensuring seamless mobility and the integration of students. Find the one closest to you and get in touch!

ESNs also play an important role in the development and dissemination of EC2U projects. All ESNs are Associated Partners and they take part in the bi-annual Plenary Councils where they can openly discuss their roles and contributions to the Alliance’s activities.

EC2U Associations

The EC2U Students- Poitiers is a student association that aims to create European projects by students for students. This association was created in Salamanca in October 2021, by students present at the Forum that took place in Salamanca. The goal of this association is to launch projects based on the EC2U ambitions such as sustainability, multilingualism, the future of universities, multiculturalism, European campus…

Stay tuned for the upcoming events organised by the student associations!

Students in the EC2U Governing Bodies

EC2U strives to include students in the decision-making processes of the Alliance. It is important the students’ voices are heard and represented in the governing bodies and in the overall strategy of EC2U.

The Executive Committee is held once a month to discuss the progress of the Alliance’s activities. Student representatives participate in these meetings to follow the ongoing projects and share their viewpoints on hot topics. Their participation also allows Student Representatives to filter the information and share key elements with other students of the EC2U community.


Find out more about the EC2U Executive Committee: Governance – EC2U

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about Student activities, share your experience or want to propose an activity for the students of the Alliance:

This webpage was created in collaboration with the Students of the EC2U Community (from ESN Turku, Pavia & EC2U Students Poitiers).