EC2U Think Tanks

The Think Tank brings EC2U stakeholders from different backgrounds and in all EC2U cities together. It aims to create a culture of open dialogue where we learn from each other on a local and European level. Together we want to discuss the challenges of our time and enable change.

How does it work? Local: EC2U representatives from each of the Partner Universities host a meeting with representatives of various stakeholder groups including, but not limited to, students, faculty, university administration, municipal administration, local businesses and interested citizens. They share experiences and debate their ideas on the topic which has been proposed and voted on by EC2U. The collected results of the local Think Tanks are presented and developed into a policy recommendation for our EC2U Community.

Think Tank 2022 Circular Economy – Key to Sustainability and Change

The 2nd Think Tank focusses on the concept and the practice of economic circularity, based on the principles of eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials and regenerating nature. A circular economy is not an end in itself, but a means to an end : a better environmental quality, economic growth and social well-being.

The seven local Think Tanks took place between January and March 2022. The results were presented at the 4th EC2U Forum in Pavia, Italy, on 07. April 2022.

Think Tank 2021 #Value4YourValues

The 1st Think Tank was developed on the subject of values – the core of all human actions, including education, research, networking, engagement and collaboration in society. Approximately 1400 respondents across the EC2U Alliance took part in an online survey which was translated into nine languages and was open from 6th-30th April 2021.

What the survey found
Take a look at the survey results on the importance of certain values, the obstacles to living those values and ideas for solutions to those obstacles.

Findings 1st Think Tank_FORUM_28.10.21

What to do now
Reflections and action points based on the survey’s results are summarized in the policy recommendation. [Link to document]



The EC2U Think Tanks are organized by the Board of WP7 Science with and for Society, composed of members from all seven EC2U Partner Universities and coordinated by the University of Jena.