The EC2U Virtual Institute for Quality Education combines research, training and innovation in advanced studies to promote quality education in the fields of language, social and cultural diversity in Europe. Following the advanced training courses in Iasi and Poitiers, the University of Coimbra will host the VIQE Fall Workshop on New multilingual learning and teaching spaces for European Campuses, between November 9 and 11, 2022.

The course combines lectures and workshops to expand on concepts and practices that promote intercultural dialogue and critical awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity in academia. It draws on qualitative, digital, creative, and ethnographic methods to explore multilingual spaces in academia, especially those crossed by the use of lesser used languages in Europe.

Aimed at students enrolled in doctoral programmes of the Alliance’s institutions, there will be a space devoted to the lived experience of doctoral work, to be coordinated by students who have expressed interest.

► Would you like to participate? Apply here before October 1st.