Cultural exchanges and cooperation between the University of Coïmbra and the University of Poitiers

Céline Magnant, the Director of the Culture and Student Life Department at the University of Poitiers went to Coïmbra in May 2019 in order to meet the main actors of students and cultural life at the Portuguese University.

Many collaboration projects have been considered for the coming academic year including the venue and exchange of musical and theater groups for the major students festivals that take place on both campuses, namely “Campus sonore”, “Campus en festival” and “Festival a Corps” in Poitiers and “ Queima des Fitas” and “Son de la Ciudad” in Coïmbra.

Also, as both universities are very involved in setting up support schemes for young student artists aimed at improving their professional integration, they would be willing to develop together a network that would facilitate these schemes (through the offering of reciprocal residency periods, the setting up of an exchange platform, writing grants, etc.)