What does it mean to build the University of the future?  This is a question of an upcoming documentary film, presented on 29th March 2020 in Berlin. The leading idea of the film is to explore and document how universities build new collaborative structures with partners in other countries, by networking with municipalities and by involving students in their curriculum design. The EU programme ‘European University Alliances’ supports these new collaborations. It has still to prove, during the experimental phase of a decade, if universities can really be the avant-garde of one Europe.
The documentary is being produced by ESNA European Higher Education News and StartupTV in Berlin, and Caucaso films, Bologna, Italy. It will be accompanied by a series of activities such as news articles, radio broadcasts and live debates at universities over the next two years. The makers of the documentary are inviting participating institutions to present their visions and critique of the 21st century university.

Watch the kick-off video here.

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