The “Transgenerational Ageing & Gendered Life-Cycled Approach” Summer School is about to start! Students and teachers of the EC2U Alliance will meet in Pavia from the 18th to the 25th September 2022.

The second edition of this Summer School is part of the “Good health and well being” EC2U Work Package, coordinated by the University of Iasi. Hosted in Pavia, this event is coordinated locally by Prof. Nappi, and includes a wide-ranging sports and social programme thanks to the collaboration with CUS Pavia and STEP ESN Pavia.

The call has raised considerable interest among students, with applicants from different faculties across Europe. 130 students applied from Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Germany, mainly enrolled in degree courses in medicine and psychology. Many applicants had indeed already participated in EC2U mobility programmes which shows their willingness to actively participate in the opportunities offered by the Alliance.

This year’s Summer School will welcome 35 students, 5 from each EC2U university, who will benefit from an enriching academic programme which includes both theoretical lessons and practical activities, such as a city tour, and visits of the botanical garden and the Kosmos museum. Students will also receive 3 ECTS, after a final exam to officially recognise the skills required over the week.

The University of Pavia is ready for the event, and so are the professors and industry experts who will lead the activities!
More information on the event: Transgenerational Ageing & Gendered Life-Cycled Approach