From 16th to 20th September, the University of Pavia (Italy) welcomes a delegation of 4 students from the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi (Romania).

This initiative is organised by the two local student associations ST.E.P. ESN PAVIA and ESN Iasi with the support of the European Universities Alliance project EC2U.

Both organisations are associated partners of the EC2U Alliance and work together to boost the mobility of students and staff and strengthen the partnership, with the final goal of creating a pan-European campus.

S.T.E.P. ESN Pavia and ESN IASI virtually met several times during the year and now has finally come the time to meet in person.  And what a better moment than during the UNIPV Welcome week?

The students of IASI will have the opportunity to discover the city and the University campus as well as to meet other students from abroad. It will be a unique chance to exchange ideas and best practices and both organisations will benefit from this first student exchange among the EC2U community.

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