The Career Plan Certificate programme helps students to prepare for a successful and fulfilling career

The programme provides multidimensional guidance in the following three modules:

  • Professional dimension …to gain transdisciplinary skills
  • Cultural dimension …to gain intercultural skills
  • Personal dimension…to gain intrapersonal skills

With this programme, you can “advance your career – broaden your horizons – deepen your mind” – referring to these three dimensions.

Target group

All students and young researchers from the 7 EC2U partner universities are welcome to join the programme and take part in the learning opportunities. To fulfill all required activities (internship, civic engagement, workshops, etc), may take approximately one year.

This programme benefits you in various ways. You will have:

  • more knowledge, competences and self-confidence as well as a more reflected plan for your future.
  • more contacts – and perhaps you make friends with students from across Europe.
  • an impressive Certificate document that you can submit with job applications. The employers will appreciate a concise overview of your extracurricular activities and achievements.


The three phases of the CPC are: 1. Orientation, 2. Personal Curriculum (with the three dimensions), and 3. Evaluation. Each phase includes several learning activities. After completing all required activities, you receive your own personal Career Plan Certificate.

The learning formats

You may join this programme as you find an interesting lecture presented by the EC2U Career Plan Certificate programme. This counts as an “input event” and as your name is on the participant list, it may be noted on your certificate.

To further continue your path, you may log-in on the Glocal Campus platform to complete the self-learning modules. You will get a better understanding of your skills and the learning dimensions. In addition, you can connect with peer participants from across Europe.

To get hands-on experience, each dimension requires an activity, e.g. an internship or a civic engagement.

Reflection allows us to extract general principles from each learning situation, to increase our awareness and to better understand ourselves.

Join the programme

You can join the Career Plan Programme at any time. Therefore, please register on the self-learning platform Just create a personal profile there (please use your university email address) and search for “EC2U Career Plan Certificate” (password: ec2u).
Then you can take part in the ongoing learning opportunities and check off all required activities. You can find more background information in the launch presentation.

Recognition of activities

The requirements are quite high, this is why the Certificate is an extraordinary achievement. However, you can also get recognition for past activities. E.g. if you took part in an intercultural communication workshop one year ago, it can count as intercultural input component. It must comply with the following rules:

  • Recent: The activity took place during the study period at the EC2U university and within the last 5 years.
  • Topic: It corresponds to the contents/aims of the Certificate and fits with one of the three learning dimensions.
  • Authenticated: Evidence (certificate, letter, etc.) and the name of a contact person can be submitted.
  • Voluntarity: The activity was a voluntary, extra-curricular activity. It does not count toward the formal study degree.

Upcoming learning opportunities


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“Advance your career, broaden your horizons, deepen your mind!”"