The first EC2U progress report aims at providing an overview of the current state of the EC2U project and the progress made towards its implementation in the period between November 1st 2020 and November 1st 2021. This report offers an assessment of two areas: the progress of the first year of the EC2U Alliance’s activities and the lines of development for 2022.

Download the first EC2U – One year progress report


Structure of the document:

Editorial by L. Thilly


I. Progress report of EC2U’s first year of activities

1/ Implementation of the Alliance

2/ Online and onsite events

3/ Horizon 2020 project : RI4C2

II. Lines of development for 2022

1/ Joint Master Programmes : 3 new diplomas to come

2/ Mobility increase : a priority for the Alliance

3/ Digital tools to improve interconnectivity

4/ Virtual Institutes

5/ Co-financed thesis



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