The Ivan Franco University of Lviv, Ukraine, is a long-standing (founded in 1661), comprehensive, education-driven and research-intensive university, with an excellent international reputation. This university is highly active in European and international academic networks and has existing links of cooperation with EC2U Universities. Their profile led the EC2U Alliance to propose a strategic partnership to Lviv University.

This cooperation was officially launched on the 6th of April 2022, and marked the Opening Ceremony of the 4th EC2U Forum in Pavia (Italy), where rectors of the 7 universities of the EC2U Alliance, and the rector of the Ivan Franco University of Lviv signed, together, a memorandum of understanding.

As a Strategic Partner, the Ivan Franko University of Lviv will actively take part in the actions of the EC2U Alliance, and contribute to key activities such as the:

  • implementation of mobility programmes for researchers, staff, and students,
  • organisation of joint teaching and learning activities, as well as the development of joint degrees
  • implementation of joint research projects, and the publication of joint papers

The Ivan Franko University of Lviv will also be invited to participate in the Plenary Council meetings held every six months during the EC2U week organised by one of the EC2U Universities.

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