Intrigued to learn about the EC2U Ambassadors Programme? Great! Come along and get to know how I became an Ambassador.

The first time I heard about the EC2U Ambassadors Programme was when I participated in the 4th EC2U Forum in Pavia in April 2022. Being part of this Forum was an incredible experience and an amazing opportunity to meet people from different parts of Europe and establish important connections. It was during this event that I heard of the EC2U Ambassadors Programme, for the first time. It was a lucky chance! I started asking how students from the University of Turku got involved, and they shared their experiences and thoughts about the programme and information about the different activities it provides, such as training sessions. The EC2U Ambassadors Programme has members of all seven universities of the Alliance and aims at promoting the Alliance to students, with students, by students.

After arriving home in Turku and continued my educational science studies, I felt the need to continue being an active member of the Alliance and decided to join to the EC2U Ambassadors Programme. I sent an email to the EC2U Team expressing my interest in the programme and my enthusiasm at becoming an ambassador for the Alliance. The response was very welcoming, and I started straight away. The experience in the Ambassadors Programme has been inspiring and captivating. As a student I feel I can truly express any ideas I have, and I am being heard by others.

The EC2U Ambassadors Programme wishes to accompany the students and proposes different training sessions to become an Ambassador. The first training session I participated in was held in May. We discussed what it means to be an ambassador and what the goals of our actions are. Moreover, we had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas concerning future publications about EC2U. The training programme will last until next September and we will share ideas monthly. The training session in May was a concrete reminder on how the Alliance aims to reach its goals by ensuring students voices are heard and making sure they are involved as active members in EC2U.

As the world is constantly globalizing, the existence of the Alliance is more relevant than ever. Therefore, it is important to bring awareness to people about EC2U, its goals and particularly the fact that every student and staff member can apply for the activities it offers. As an EC2U Ambassador I feel proud to be part of the Alliance.

If you want to learn more about my experience as an Ambassador, contact me directly!