EC2U Classroom Internships

Are you a student teacher looking for classroom experience outside your own culture? Check out the EC2U Classroom Internships and see if there’s something for you!

Schools from all 7 EC2U cities offer a variety of classroom internships to qualified candidates currently or recently enrolled in one of the 7 EC2U Universities..

Each internship is unique. The participating schools each offer different tasks and subject areas.

Apply now for an internship in the 2022-2023 school year! Application deadlines vary—please note that several of the postings close at the end of June 2022.

About the Internships

EC2U Classroom Internships are voluntary internships for student teachers of varying length and content.

The goal of EC2U Classroom Internships is to provide opportunities to gain intercultural experience for both student teachers and the pupils they teach, to create a strong network between our EC2U cities and universities and to advance the internationalization of teacher education in Europe more generally.

One or more schools from all seven EC2U cities and/or regions are offering classroom internships to student teachers from the seven universities of the alliance. Internships will be offered in (or near) Coimbra (PT), Salamanca (ES), Poitiers (FR), Pavia (IT), Iaşi (RO), Turku (FI) and Jena (DE). For more details see Internship Postings below.

Each internship is unique. The tasks vary from language assistant to job shadow to project work. Each school specifies tasks and duties in the Internship Postings below.

Before: Students accepted for an internship will complete an on-line Intercultural Training module before they take up their position.
During: Interns will keep a learning diary to record their experiences and insights gained.
After: Interns will submit an experience report to be published on to share their experiences with the EC2U community

Each intern will have a designated supervisor as their primary contact person at the school. The supervisor will familiarize the interns with the school and their internship tasks and will submit a report after the internship is completed.

EC2U Classroom Internships are voluntary. They are not obligatory components of a student’s course of study and/or teacher certification process. EC2U Classroom Internships can be recognized in the Diploma Supplement and, if applicable, in the Transcript of Records.
Any further academic recognition to fulfill obligatory requirements of a course of study or teacher certification lies solely in the responsibility of the individual student. Students seeking such recognition must negotiate with the authorized persons at their home university independently of EC2U.

Application process and eligibility

Students enrolled in at least the 5th semester of studies or recent graduates (12 months or less) of the seven EC2U universities may apply. Preference will be given to current students and recent graduates of teacher training programs.

EC2U Classroom Internships for a minimum of two months can be funded through ERASMUS+ Traineeships. Internships of fewer than 30 days can be funded through ERASMUS+ Short Mobilities. Alternatively, an internship can take place during an ERASMUS+ Semester Mobility at one of the EC2U Partner Universities.

For the amount funded, please contact the ERASMUS+ office at your home university.

Apply for an EC2U Classroom Internship by submitting the listed application documents to Your application will first be submitted to representatives of your home university for an academic and mobility evaluation. In a second step your application be forwarded to the school for acceptance.

  • Application Form including Letter of Motivation (2 A4 pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current certificate of academic achievement
  • Letter of recommendation (optional)

For application due dates, please see the requirements of Internship Postings below. It is also important to be aware of the deadlines for ERASMUS+ applications at your home university.

The minimum language requirements are those determined by the ERASMUS+ programme. Schools may impose their own language requirements for both the working (classroom) language and the national language.

Internship Postings


Primary contact for submission of all applications :

Melinda Kolb
EC2U Local Coordinator
Friedrich Schiller University Jena