EC2U Classroom Internships 2022-2023

EC2U Classroom Internships provide opportunities to gain intercultural experience for both student teachers and the pupils they teach. Our goal is to create a strong network between our EC2U cities and universities and to advance the internationalization of teacher education in Europe more generally. 

Internships available!

EC2U offers placement assistance for internships in classrooms across the alliance in the 2022-2023 school year.

Are you a student teacher and looking for international classroom experience? Check out the EC2U Classroom Internships! We help currently enrolled students from any of the seven EC2U universities to find a short-term internship (2 – 4 weeks) in a school in any one of the EC2U cities. See below for details on the participating schools. 

Interns can receive financial support.
Each EC2U university determines how many internships can be offered to their students and the amount of funding for each.  

Each internship is unique
The actual content of the internship—the subject area, the classroom language, the tasks, the work schedule—varies according to the individual schools‘ capacities. 

Once EC2U has helped applicants to establish contact with a school, the applicant is responsible (1) for negotiating the time period and content of the internship with the school and (2) for completing all required documentation (for funding, etc.) with the international office of the university at which they are enrolled.  

Interns benefit from the EC2U Community
EC2U arranges contact with peer mentors from the local EC2U university and provides an online intercultural training module to help prepare for classroom interactions.   

Eligibility and Recognition

Who is eligible? 
Students enrolled in at least the 5th semester of studies at any one of the seven EC2U universities may apply. 

Do interns receive academic recognition for the internship?
EC2U Classroom Internships are voluntary. They are not obligatory components of a student’s course of study and/or teacher certification process. EC2U Classroom Internships can be recognized in the Diploma Supplement and, if applicable, in the Transcript of Records.
Any further academic recognition to fulfill obligatory requirements of a course of study or teacher certification lies solely in the responsibility of the individual student. Students seeking such recognition must negotiate with the authorized persons at their home university independently of EC2U. 

Application process

When can I apply?
Applications are currently being accepted on a continuous basis for internships that take place in the 2022-2023 school year.  

How does the application process work? 
Step 1 – Apply for an EC2U Classroom Internship by submitting the listed application documents to the central EC2U Classroom Internship coordinator at 

  • Classroom Internship Application Form including Letter of Motivation (2 A4 pages). In the application form you must indicate which school(s) you are interested in.  
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Current certificate of academic achievement 
  • Letter of recommendation (optional) 

Step 2 – You will be notified once your application has cleared academic and funding evaluations at your home university and the school has accepted your application.  

Step 3 – You begin the mobility processing with the international office of your home university.  

Step 4 – You negotiate with the school the time period and the content of the internship which will be formalized in a Learning Agreement, which is part of the mobility processing. 

Step 5 – The preparations are finalized when you as intern, the school as internship provider and the international office of your home university have signed all necessary documents. 

Preparing for the Classroom Internship

Peer Mentor 
EC2U will match each intern with a peer mentor at the University in the EC2U city where the internship takes place. 

Intercultural Training
EC2U provides a mandatory online Intercultural Training module. You will receive further information from the EC2U Classroom Internship coordinator before the internship begins. 

Participating Schools


Primary contact for submission of all application and initial questions :

Melinda Kolb
EC2U Local Coordinator
Friedrich Schiller University Jena