What are the EC2U Forums?

Every six months, the Alliance organises the EC2U Forum to gather students, staff, citizens, local and regional authorities and foster open dialogue on pressing issues in society and share good practices. Each Member of the Alliance will host one EC2U Forum.

EC2U Forum will organise special round tables devoted to the exchange of guidelines dealing with the higher education challenges (implementation of the Bologna Process, student & staff mobility, creation of European Diploma, etc): major stakeholders from the field will be invited, including the European Commission (DG EAC), members from the Coimbra Group of Universities as well as other Alliances. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are already addressed at the 7 universities and their municipalities. It is thus important to identidy the related activities and give them more impact, for instance at additional round tables of the EC2U Forums. Finally,  EC2U Forums will also participate to sharing education innovation to the wider audience, introduciong the build-up of an enlightened debate with Citizens.


Ready for the next edition?

EC2U Forum in Jena (23-25 May 2023)

Latest news on the EC2U Forums

EC2U Forum in Iasi (11-13 October 2022)