GLADE is the EC2U Alliance’s Virtual Institute aimed to develop specific approaches in education, research, innovation and service transfer to the community in areas of the third UNSDG: Good Health and Well-being for All.

The Virtual Institute GLADE is the headquarter for:

  • EC2U Glade Literacy LAB that encourages itinerant conferences of EC2U specialists, Summer Schools and short video trainings in the area of good health and well-being for all;
  • EC2U GLADE Transformative Research HUB that initiates and supports studies, guidelines for local authorities, policy paperspolicy papers on Good Health and Well-being;
  • EC2U GLADE Healthy Campus Services that focuses on a brand new approach of Health in Campuses.

The main objective of the GLADE Virtual Institute is to develop cooperation’s contexts for promoting health and well-being in the 7 EC2U universities and their cities.

1. Itinerant conferences developed within the EC2U GLADE Literacy LAB

Through the EC2U GLADE Literacy LAB activities, we will develop the contexts and curricula of training for prevention in health and promotion of well-being for all in the universities and in the cities.

The curricula will be framed around:

  • preventive approaches in health (meanings, forms, expectations, resources, results);
  • social determinants of health (endogenous and exogenous factors, individual and social),
  • meanings, forms and practices of well-being (physical, mental, social, emotional, workplace, societal),
  • a healthy and active lifestyle and ageing process.

GLADE half-day conferences (March – October 2022)

The GLADE Half-Day conferences are meant to strengthen the academic and professional links between researchers, teachers, and students from the 7 EC2U Universities on their closest topics.

This is an opportunity of revealing research interests, results, concerns, and proposals in the areas of Well-being on Campus and in the Cities, a Healthy Life and Ageing, Promotion of Health, studying the impact of Social determinants of Health in the cities, the role of gender in relation to these.

You’ll get the chance to connect with professionals in your field of interest, exchange research ideas and get involved in new projects. Also, don’t forget that you can apply for mobilities to prepare and participate at the GLADE conferences.

Check out the list of conferences and choose the ones that best suit your interest. Participation is free of charge and short presentations (7-10 minutes) are strongly encouraged. A room for networking will be open on the second part of each conference.

2. Joint research activities developed within the EC2U GLADE transformative research HUB

  • 3 studies on lifelong well-being and healthy ageing
  • 2 guidelines for local authorities
  • policy papers

By means of the EC2U GLADE transformative research HUB, we will produce: studies, guidelines, public papers and policy papers on Good Health and Well Being, starting from exploratory and transformative research.

The participants will form flexible and mixed teams consisting of: Master students in Good Health and Well Being, PH.D. students in areas of Good Health and Well Being and related areas, Postgraduates, early career investigators, research and teaching staff, administrative staff from universities, academia and public authorities.

3. Mobilities

A total of 77 mobilities for staff (11 per Partner University) can be funded, according to the following table:

Mobilities Number of mobilities for Staff No of days Mobility to be performed until:
Itinerant Conferences in EC2U Universities[1] 3 5 June 2023
Short trainings in areas of Health and Well-being (video recorded)[2] 2 5 June 2023
Working in teams

Project applications[3]

4 10 June 2023
Peer support for students[4] 2 5 October 2022

[1] The beneficiaries will be able to go to EC2U universities to hold conferences on the topics specific to the Glade Virtual Institute (including the half-day conferences)

[2] The beneficiaries will be able to create, together with colleagues from EC2U universities, common materials on the specific GLADE topics, which will later be made available to the general public on the Glade/ EC2U website

[3] Beneficiaries will be able to go to another EC2U universitiy to carry out research activities and to work on projects for funding on GLADE specific topics;

[4] The beneficiaries will be able to go to EC2U universities to carry out / deepen activities on peer counseling and healthy campus topics. Students involved in peer support activities (supporting colleagues as a volunteer, buddy, mentor, tutor) have priority.